The Most Popular Slot Machines in the World

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There are literally hundreds of slot machines with themes that go from horror and zombies to cutesy and dainty animal adventures. But what are the most popular slot machines in not only New Zealand but in the entire world? Aren’t you curious? We certainly were. So by following the adage, Google is your friend, here is the list we came up with. Mind you, this is difficult to do because many gambling sites are quite biased, and quite frankly are paid to tout one slot machine or one casino over another. But never the less here is what we came up with.


Developed in 1986 by developer IGT, Megabucks was the first widely used around the world progressive slot machine. Our friend Mr Google says that IGT leases their Megabucks slots which takes three dollars to operate, to Casinos, and that Casinos get a cut of the action. Our friend Google says that it is well known that Megabucks was created to compete with state lotteries. Gamblingsitsonline says that the record for a jackpot in Megabucks was played in the Excalibur Casino in Los Vegas in 2003, and the lucky winner won $39.7 Similar high-value jackpots of $34.9 million $27.5 Million and $22.6 million. One lucky player cashed in for $21.3 million non his first spin. Depending upon who you talk to, oddsmakers say the chance of winning the big money on this machine is 1 to 50 million, or 1 in 17 million. Some say it’s like getting hit by lightning and being bitten by a shark the same day. Talk about luck. Also, beware, there are plenty of rumours floating around that there is a curse surrounding winning the jackpots on this machine. 

Wheel of Fortune

Another big winner for IGT is the popular Wheel of Fortune Progressive. Developed in 1996, there are now dozens of variations of Wheel of Fortune featuring Pat Sajak as host and Vanna White as the letter turner of all letter turners. Many people have become millionaires through Wheel of Fortune, and it’s a fun game to play. In Las Vegas, there are giant, multi-players wheel of fortune games available.

popular slots - The Most Popular Slot Machines in the World

Lions Share

This slot generated a lot of buzz around 2014 when word got around that its progressive jackpot had gone unclaimed for 20 years. The buzz was enough that casino workers at the MGM grand, the sole casino in Vegas with a Lions Share machine were asked multiple times each day where the machine was and people actually stood in line to play it. A few years after a couple finally hit the jackpot, MGM retired the machine because it took a lot of maintenance and upkeep to take care of it.


Online casinos started becoming popular in the late 90s and went wild in the 2000s. One of the most popular games was and still is the space-themed game StarBurst. Starburst is so popular that not only is it still being played, but many online casinos choose starburst as their game of choice for newcomers to play as part of their welcoming bonus. Thus very few online casino gamblers are not familiar with the game.

The Book of the Dead

Developed by Play N Go, the Book of the Dead is probably the second most popular slot game played today. Besides its attractive graphics and yet simple ancient structure, a central part of the book of the dead is the gamble feature. Triggered whenever you gain a win, you get two choices to win. You can choose a colour such as red or black, and if the correct colour comes up, then double your money. You can also bet on a suit such as clubs, diamonds, hearts, or spades. Guess correctly and you quadruple your money, When playing slots it’s almost impossible to guess your odds of winning but with the Book of the Dead’s gamble feature, odds, either 1 to 1 you will double your money or 1 to 4 that you will quadruple your money are quite obvious. You can count on the Book of the Dead being a top slot machine for many years to come.

Mega Moolah

People love to play progressive slot machines that pay big bucks and thus Mega Moolah is quite popular. Developed by Microgaming in 2006, one reviewer described Mega Moolah as both a truly ugly game and at the same time one of the most successful. This animal-themed progressive game lets you participate in 4 progressive games at once, and has had payouts of up to 20 million dollars. One British Magazine said that over 20 people become millionaires instantly with Mega Moolah, and Mega Moolah is so popular it is found in 150 countries.