10 Tips To Win More In Blackjack

blackjack 840x385 - 10 Tips To Win More In Blackjack

Regardless of what most people may think, gambling is not just a sport or a recreational activity. If you can play your cards rights, then it may only blossom into a full-fledged profession. In the long run, you may lose your bankroll if you have not found your way around the game.

Here are a few tips we’ve gathered that might give your blackjack bankroll a deserving boost.

Find the right table

For starters, you want to settle at a table where you can comfortably play with your bankroll. This may be slightly tricky if your bankroll is on the minimal side but look around to find where the minimum stakes are. Also, you must play at tables with the most liberal playing rules. Fewer decks are preferable; that is, you have better odds playing a single/double layer than on a 6-8 game. If a game lets the dealer hit on a soft 17, avoid playing the game. It will be hard to win in the long run

Split Aces & eights

Make this your constant go-to move, always. Even though a player can only get one extra card on the two aces, the 11 is too strong to be stalled by one further card. Likewise, consider splitting the 8’s as well. With two of the same card, you should play them sat two separate hands with different bets.

Decline insurance

This tip is as simple as it can be. Do not take insurance. Do not even consider it. In the long run, it is much more profitable to risk losing the initial stake compared to protecting it against the dealer. In case they have a blackjack, the dealer offers for you to buy protection. If there is blackjack, you lose the initial bet, but keep your side bet.

Always check the rules

With such an expansive game as blackjack, the rules will vary according to the casino or the blackjack game. A lot of games don’t encourage card counting, and this will make it harder for you to track your winning odds. If playing in person, avoid the continuous shuffle machines. Since they keep track of the possible card, you and the dealer might end up drawing a possibility.

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Check the tables’ rules

you must find out how the table plays in a game of blackjack before you begin to play. For instance, at a natural blackjack, if on the first two dealt cards you get a 21, the table might pay you 3:2, that is, $3 for every wagered $2. if a table pays out at 6:5, which is less, you should avoid it. By playing at a 6:5 payout table, you will not win as much as you should.

Make sure to have a betting strategy

Like any other game in history, it is crucial to have a plan in place that you can refer to when at play. Apart from helping you save the bankroll, it defines the parameters of your play so that you do not make mistakes that will cost you. Since the game is based on probability and chance, any perceived patterns will likely disappear. Always have in mind that you can never be due for wins or cold& hot decks. When playing the average game, it is better to remain consistent or raise your stakes with the smallest measurement unit. After a loss or a shuffle, try and bet low. The best systems are founded on mathematical advancements that help recover most losses while ensuring you keep a tight profit. Some of the popular betting systems are the Paroli and the Martingale.

Double down

In a blackjack session, this is the best way you can reduce the house edge. You double down by doubling your initial bet, and you get only one card. If you increase the stakes in a strong position, it is possible to swing power from the dealer by capitalizing on the strength of these positions. Unless you are against an ace, always double down on 11. If a dealer has 3, 4, 5, and 6, double-down on 9. According to the rules, some tables may prohibit doubling to 11, 10, and 9. If the dealer’s upcard is 6 and you have an ace, this is the best time to double down, well unless you have a soft 20. Except for the cases where you have a soft 20 or 19, always double-down on the dealer’s 5 whenever possible. If it is impossible to double-down, hit apart from those situations, it is recommended to stand.


Surrender will allow you to wiggle out of an unfavourable position in which you can neither stand nor hit. Under these particular circumstances, you surrender your hand and sacrifice half your bet. This way, you tend to lose way less in the long run. Typically, the basic strategy only allows a surrender if the dealer has a 10 and the player a hard 15. Also, surrender is acceptable if the dealer has an A, 10, or 9, and the player has a hard 16. The player should hit if the table only allows early surrender, or it is completely restricted. Through surrender, you get to save half of your stake.

Keep track of your odds

This will help you understand when to increase your stakes. A lot of high cards are better since they will always amount to ten. This will help you earn more blackjacks. By playing more, you get insight on the remaining cards on the deck that are helpful, and how to proceed with the hand you’ve got.

Look out for house edge

It is impossible to maintain a perpetual winning streak at blackjacks because of the house edge. It ensures that in the long run, it’s the casino that retains the advantage. There are several maneuvers you can take to cut down on the house edge. For instance, stop playing the moment you win cash to avoid the house edge. Most casinos will only let you double down with a 10 0r even while some casinos will allow you to double-down on any two cards of your choice. If you play the cards right, this strategy is sure to swell the bankroll. Remember, your winnings accumulate even when you play small.

Basic logic- memorize the strategy

Most players are ignorant of the game’s fundamental terms, other than knowing the main objective of the game. Unlike other games at the casino, blackjack is a probability game. You increase your odds if you know how to play certain hands. Every blackjack game has its different rules, and thus the strategy is determined by the regulations. A lot of popular blackjack variations do not impact the basic strategy that much, so that you can easily play at different variations.

The significant rules that are bound to affect the basic strategy are if the dealer is required to hit a hard/soft 17 and the ability to surrender. Whether playing offline or online, you will be offered an option to participate inside bets. They are entirely separate but alongside an average hand, and you can join in as many as possible. To join inside bets, the player is mandated to place stakes on the regular blackjack. They are seldom helpful, and you should avoid them.