Here at Inner Voices, we are keen on coming up with new and amazing ideas to spice things up. We already have a couple of ideas in motion and we are so excited to share everything with you.

At Inner Voices, we promote responsible gambling for all. Inner Voices received several messages from our users. They are asking if we have something new to offer and we do.

Inner Voices Beyond – Live Online Casino Competitions

future projects guys playing computer - Future Projects

Online casino is already competition, but it’s the day-to-day hype you enjoy. We want a bigger stage for thousands of people to see. We introduce the “Inner Voices Beyond” competition.

This is how it’s going to work. There will be several online casino competitions for 3 games available on selected live online casinos. The event will include competitions for poker, 3 card poker, and blackjack.

Interested participants can submit their registrations one month before the competition. We will soon release the process for registration so stay tuned. General casino competition rules will apply.

Participants will be divided into 6 brackets per competition. All live games will be streamed online for thousands of people to see. Our audience will be able to compete on some of their favorite live casino sites.

The closer to the end of the competition, the bigger the bets are going to be. Each player will have their profile to be taken care of by the Inner Voices magazine. These documents will provide a detailed report on each participants’ expertise and experience in playing.

Live Streaming

future projects camera streaming - Future Projects

There will be no fee to watch the entire competition. We are looking at 2 weeks for the entire competition to finish. All schedules for the competition will be released a week before the event.

We have tightened up our online security, plug-ins, and other functionalities to make sure everything goes smoothly. We are hoping for a fair, exciting, and engaging competition from day one to the last.

General Rules

Each champion per live online casino competition will receive a grand prize. Players will be given the same amount of chips for each game. The more they win, the higher they rank in the competition.

When a participant loses all his or her chips, that will be an automatic elimination.