3 Live Casino Online Games with the Lowest House Edge


First, we need to define the house edge. The house edge is also known as the casino advantage. It’s not the casino or the owners with the advantage, it’s the games. House edge tells a game’s payout during its average life span. Not only that, the house edge determines the games offering players the best returns.

So, the higher the house edge of a particular game, the more advantage the casino has. That’s bad right? But there are several casino games with a low house edge and that is where players get their edge.

Now, the house edge is present in all casino formats either online or at a real casino. This also applies to live online casinos. Choosing the game with a low or the lowest house edge will surely favor you, the player.

Three Card Poker

One of the biggest casino games among many live casino websites. Three card poker’s best attribute is its speed. One round will only take seconds to finish. That speed plays well with a low house edge.

Three card poker has a 1.5% house edge.

3 Live Casino Online Games with the Lowest House Edge poker cards - 3 Live Casino Online Games with the Lowest House Edge


Blackjack only has a .5% house edge although some will say it’s 1.5%. But still, this card game has one of the lowest if not the lowest house edge. Why is that? Blackjack is not just a game of chance or luck.

Players are free to strategize on how they play their cards and the number of their bets.

It is also believed that blackjack is beatable as portrayed in several documentaries and movies. But all in all, blackjack is a strategy game. The more you know how the cards work and know how much to bet, the more you win.

Video Poker

This is a tricky one because video poker’s house edge ranges from 5% to 0.5%. Some people even say the game has no house edge at all. Just like poker, video poker is also a strategy game.

There are speculations that video poker games are actively manipulated by casino personnel without the knowledge of players.

However, these are just speculations.

So, if you ever decide to engage with Inner Voices, why not try these three games first. Stay updated with the latest news right here. We also suggest playing roulettewith our handy tips for you to win big and fast. Make sure to observe responsible gambling.