3 Unsung Hero Bonuses in Live Online Casinos


We conducted a little survey of our own among the Inner Voices community. This platform is by the way composed of casino enthusiasts and experts. We asked them a couple of questions regarding online casino bonuses.

There are dozens of casino bonuses out there. Live casino online bonuses are part of what makes live casino online gambling great. We are pretty sure all of you are familiar with the sign-up bonus, the welcome bonus, and early winnings bonus.

There are also the refer-a-friend and loyalty bonuses giving players quite the loot. These bonuses are integral to marketing, but some people think they’re a form of scam.

Believe it or not, there are a couple of bonuses that people are not even aware of. On our survey, we found out that not even half of our community are aware of the following bonuses.

Social Media Sharing Bonus

3 Unsung Hero Bonuses in Live Online Casinos social media - 3 Unsung Hero Bonuses in Live Online Casinos

With social media playing a vital role in marketing, several live online casino operators have this bonus. How it works is that online casino sites publish content on different social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Players then get to share this content on their accounts for their friends or followers to see. These campaigns are solely for marketing and promotion. Casino companies get a lot from this strategy and they also save a lot of money.

So, what do they do? They reward people for sharing their marketing material online.

Spot the Voice Bonus

3 Unsung Hero Bonuses in Live Online Casinos man working home - 3 Unsung Hero Bonuses in Live Online Casinos

We have this one on our website. Some live casino online websites out there play out random audio while live online casino streams are rolling. Players can hear these soundbites and they think it’s just someone speaking in the background.

It’s not. If you ever hear odd and standout audio while playing, memorize it. These soundbites are mostly a couple of words. This is the spot the voice bonus.

When you hear one, write it down. Make sure to add the date you heard it and the game you were playing. Submit all of this information to your online casino’s email address. From there on, they know what to do.

Dealer & Player Appreciation Bonus

3 Unsung Hero Bonuses in Live Online Casinos colorful chips - 3 Unsung Hero Bonuses in Live Online Casinos

These bonuses mostly go out to regulars. This bonus is given by dealers. It’s up to them to decide who to give it to. It’s simple actually, it’s a showcase of appreciation from a dealer towards a regular player.

When they see a regular player they encounter many times, they give out the bonus. Players showing respect and kindness to dealers are targets for this bonus.

Make sure to pay attention and find out about these bonuses. Gamble responsible out there but most importantly, have fun!