3 Security Reminders Before Playing Live Casino Online


Just like most online casinos, online live casinos operate with real money. You sign-up for an account and you are given a virtual wallet to keep your virtual money. You then spend it through betting. Betting is represented through casino chips with different monetary values.

Your winnings automatically go to your account. You can then transfer your remaining money or your winnings straight to your bank account.

Easy right? Everything is automated so you don’t have to worry about carrying cash with you. However, this format of gambling has its risks and the worst endgame is that you lose a lot.

So, before you sign-up for an account and make a deposit, keep these three security reminders in mind.

Pick a legit website

Online gambling is a hot spot for illegal activities such as fraud and scams. How it works ispeople invest a lot of money to play. After playing, they want to transfer their winnings, so they withdraw everything.

What happens with these scams is that players receive no money at all and when they check their account, they see they have a zero balance. In worst case scenarios, people use their credit card and they end up being charged thousands of dollars.

Before signing up, make sure to triple check if the domain you chose is legit and operating legally. Make sure that the website has a privacy policy. This policy tells you that the website and the company behind it collects and manages data you share solely for their live casino online services.

A privacy policy is a requirement not only for online casinos but basically for all websites collecting data from users. Especially for sites working with money transactions and payments.

Right off that bat, there are articles online listing top live casino websites that are legit. You don’t want to fall for fancy ads and visuals.

Make sure to check if a website also has a designated page with their legal documents and portfolio. You should also check whether the casino is in possession of a user agreement, disconnection policy, and responsible gaming report.

Authenticate Online Payments

To ensure flexibility, most live online casino sites accept different methods and channels of payment. Most sites accept credit cards, debit cards, and online payment services like PayPal.

If the site only allows direct banking payment, that’s a red flag right there. There should always be a middle man between these transactions. Make sure that middle man is an existing entity or company.

Be Responsible

These sites promote responsible and legal gambling so they don’t allow people under 18. This is not only security for your money and finances but your lifestyle and well being as well.

It is the responsibility of a live casino online provider to educate and inform their users about the pitfalls of gambling addiction. Therefore, they must do everything they can, use every resource they can to make sure people are aware of the dangers of problem gambling.

Here at Inner Voices, we advocate responsible gaming for all. We are aware of the negative impacts and consequences of gambling addiction. We don’t want any of our patrons or anyone for that matter to go through that ordeal.

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