The Best 3 Live Casino Online Games


There are more than a dozen casino games you can play at live casino websites. If you think these games are just the same as general online gaming, then you are in for a surprise. To fully indulge in the entire casino experience, people are turning to live casino games.

If you are about to sign-up for a live casino online account, here are the games you need to play asap.


The Best 3 Live Casino Online Games Blackjack - The Best 3 Live Casino Online Games

They say to fully experience the entirety of live casino online; you must first play blackjack. Each online blackjack room is designed to make you feel like you’re sitting at a table in a land-based casino

All you have to do is choose a room and take a seat. You can do all of these with a single click. Upon entering a room and taking a seat, you are greeted by a dealer, a real dealer not an avatar. First, you need to place your bets and choose your chips.

The cards are then distributed by the dealer while you are able to see everything via the webcam.

The dealer works with real cards by the way. When the cards are dealt, the dealer through audio features asks you what you are going to do. A set of buttons then appear in front of you representing different blackjack options, like double down, hit, stand and split.

After every round, the winner or winners are announced, including the dealer. All winnings are automatically calculated and are flashed when you win.

Players are also free to converse with each other with a chat feature. Players and dealers can even exchange pleasantries.


The Best 3 Live Casino Online Games Roulette - The Best 3 Live Casino Online Games

Surely one of easiest and simplest game to play. You are probably already familiar with roulette. In live casino online roulette, all you have to do is place your bets.

You can choose different bets like straight, split, street, even, odd, black, red and more. The dealer will indicate if bets are closed and accepted. There will also be text visuals displayed on your screen.

When it comes to video streaming, you can choose whether you want the video feed to show the table only or the entire setting with the dealer.

When the spin stops, you will be notified if you win and how much if you do. Easy right?

3 Card Poker

The Best 3 Live Casino Online Games Poker - The Best 3 Live Casino Online Games

Another great live casino online game to play. The same rules apply. After placing your bet, the dealer draws your three cards. Next up, she draws her cards faced down. You then choose if you want to play or fold. You are given 10 seconds to make a decision.

There is also the ante space for you to place bets in. After the dealer reveals his or her card, the winner is announced with each set of cards compared.

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