When it comes to gambling rules, game mechanics, winning calculation, and general operation, there’s no difference between a land-based casino and an online casino. The same can be said of course for live online casinos, which is a branch of online casinos.

Despite that, we came up with a couple of tips to help you win and enjoy more. You can apply these tips when you play later tonight.

Participate in Live Casino Online Competitions

Not only once a month but a couple of times every month. Several competitions are taking place across many online casinos out there. In these competitions, there is a cheap entrance fee but the payout if you win is big.

Participating in live casino competitions and tournaments will enable you to put your skills to the test while you rake in the winnings. It will also allow you to mingle and connect with fellow online gamblers.


How to explain this. Let’s see. With this strategy, you are creating a doppelganger of yourself to play as another player. That’s a little bit odd. So, let’s break it down.

In several live casino online platforms, a single player can assume multiple seats per game or per table.

For example, in blackjack. When you enter a live casino game of blackjack, you can select a seat among other players. If there is a vacant seat, you can click that to activate multiple seats.

In this case, you are playing as two different individuals. You can bet different amounts on each of your seats. You can also bet the same amount or just basically go all out. You already have the opportunity to win big with one seat. Imagine what you can do with two or more seats.

There is, of course, a limit of how many seats you can take. Some people do this as a strategy and to balance out their bets and winnings. There is still the downside that you lose money faster since you are betting for two.

But that’s the whole point of it, it’s all about strategy and of course a hint of luck.

Learn and play games with a good house edge

House edge is a mathematical advantage for gamblers. These numbers and statistics give them a better chance of winning. Take the time to find casino games with good house edges.

Control Yourself

This is not only a tip to win big, but to fully enjoy live online casino gaming responsibly. Don’t chase losses and know when to quit. If you lose today, that’s ok. You can try again next time. If you win big, learn to control yourself.

We want everyone out there get the best out of their live casino online experience. Play responsibly out there. For more tips like this, check out our post about playing roulette.

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Roulette is one of the easiest games to play. Winning also comes easy, but so does losing. Roulette, unlike other casino games, is not a strategy game. There is a little strategy though and that’s what we’re about to talk about here.

Let’s get to it.

Know your bets

There is more than one way to bet when it comes to roulette. The most common and known bet, of course, is straight, you bet on one number either red or green. A straight bet has the biggest payout, but also the lowest chance of winning.

2 Inner Voices Roulette Tips to Win Big and Fast betting - 2 Inner Voices Roulette Tips to Win Big and Fast

This is where you strategize. You need to know that different kinds of bets increase your chances of winning. There is the split bet of putting chips on two bordering numbers. You also got the street (3 numbers) and the corner (4 numbers).

To improve your chances of winning, you can bet on the following: black, red, odd, even, small or big. With these bets, you are betting on half the numbers on the wheel.

However, the payout is much smaller with these bets.

Understanding the house edge

Casinos are geniuses when it comes to making money. How do they make money? By taking your money every time you lose? No, that’s a part of it, but the way they make money is a true house edge.

House edge is the mathematical advantage casino games have over players. These numbers determine a player’s chances of winning and losing in a casino game. So, in short, the higher the house edge, the lower your chances of winning is.

According to some reports, most casino-goers either online or offline are not aware of the house edge.

Roulette has a 2.5% house edge and that is great for players. The game is a game of chance and little strategy is needed with betting. House edge and the different types of bets are your keys to winning.

Understanding how the game works is vital.So, are you excited to play some live casino online roulette?


Just like most online casinos, online live casinos operate with real money. You sign-up for an account and you are given a virtual wallet to keep your virtual money. You then spend it through betting. Betting is represented through casino chips with different monetary values.

Your winnings automatically go to your account. You can then transfer your remaining money or your winnings straight to your bank account.

Easy right? Everything is automated so you don’t have to worry about carrying cash with you. However, this format of gambling has its risks and the worst endgame is that you lose a lot.

So, before you sign-up for an account and make a deposit, keep these three security reminders in mind.

Pick a legit website

Online gambling is a hot spot for illegal activities such as fraud and scams. How it works ispeople invest a lot of money to play. After playing, they want to transfer their winnings, so they withdraw everything.

What happens with these scams is that players receive no money at all and when they check their account, they see they have a zero balance. In worst case scenarios, people use their credit card and they end up being charged thousands of dollars.

Before signing up, make sure to triple check if the domain you chose is legit and operating legally. Make sure that the website has a privacy policy. This policy tells you that the website and the company behind it collects and manages data you share solely for their live casino online services.

A privacy policy is a requirement not only for online casinos but basically for all websites collecting data from users. Especially for sites working with money transactions and payments.

Right off that bat, there are articles online listing top live casino websites that are legit. You don’t want to fall for fancy ads and visuals.

Make sure to check if a website also has a designated page with their legal documents and portfolio. You should also check whether the casino is in possession of a user agreement, disconnection policy, and responsible gaming report.

Authenticate Online Payments

To ensure flexibility, most live online casino sites accept different methods and channels of payment. Most sites accept credit cards, debit cards, and online payment services like PayPal.

If the site only allows direct banking payment, that’s a red flag right there. There should always be a middle man between these transactions. Make sure that middle man is an existing entity or company.

Be Responsible

These sites promote responsible and legal gambling so they don’t allow people under 18. This is not only security for your money and finances but your lifestyle and well being as well.

It is the responsibility of a live casino online provider to educate and inform their users about the pitfalls of gambling addiction. Therefore, they must do everything they can, use every resource they can to make sure people are aware of the dangers of problem gambling.

Here at Inner Voices, we advocate responsible gaming for all. We are aware of the negative impacts and consequences of gambling addiction. We don’t want any of our patrons or anyone for that matter to go through that ordeal.

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There are more than a dozen casino games you can play at live casino websites. If you think these games are just the same as general online gaming, then you are in for a surprise. To fully indulge in the entire casino experience, people are turning to live casino games.

If you are about to sign-up for a live casino online account, here are the games you need to play asap.


The Best 3 Live Casino Online Games Blackjack - The Best 3 Live Casino Online Games

They say to fully experience the entirety of live casino online; you must first play blackjack. Each online blackjack room is designed to make you feel like you’re sitting at a table in a land-based casino

All you have to do is choose a room and take a seat. You can do all of these with a single click. Upon entering a room and taking a seat, you are greeted by a dealer, a real dealer not an avatar. First, you need to place your bets and choose your chips.

The cards are then distributed by the dealer while you are able to see everything via the webcam.

The dealer works with real cards by the way. When the cards are dealt, the dealer through audio features asks you what you are going to do. A set of buttons then appear in front of you representing different blackjack options, like double down, hit, stand and split.

After every round, the winner or winners are announced, including the dealer. All winnings are automatically calculated and are flashed when you win.

Players are also free to converse with each other with a chat feature. Players and dealers can even exchange pleasantries.


The Best 3 Live Casino Online Games Roulette - The Best 3 Live Casino Online Games

Surely one of easiest and simplest game to play. You are probably already familiar with roulette. In live casino online roulette, all you have to do is place your bets.

You can choose different bets like straight, split, street, even, odd, black, red and more. The dealer will indicate if bets are closed and accepted. There will also be text visuals displayed on your screen.

When it comes to video streaming, you can choose whether you want the video feed to show the table only or the entire setting with the dealer.

When the spin stops, you will be notified if you win and how much if you do. Easy right?

3 Card Poker

The Best 3 Live Casino Online Games Poker - The Best 3 Live Casino Online Games

Another great live casino online game to play. The same rules apply. After placing your bet, the dealer draws your three cards. Next up, she draws her cards faced down. You then choose if you want to play or fold. You are given 10 seconds to make a decision.

There is also the ante space for you to place bets in. After the dealer reveals his or her card, the winner is announced with each set of cards compared.

Learn all about the best in live casino games right here at Inner Voices.